About us

Fratelli Busnelli has been active in the field of wood manufacturing for over forty years and has the same passionate spirit of the beginning.

We combine our expertise with a keen vision on the new trends, in a constant search of the best quality of our Made in Italy products. Our clients can find both the always fascinating and timeless classical lines and a more modern style, aligned with the current projects for contemporary atmospheres.

The experience of our master craftsmen and designers has always enabled our brand to realise top quality products, enhanced by the bright shades of the finishes and the glamour richness of fabrics coming from international companies.

We are always dedicated in the search for new ways of using materials, fabrics and working techniques, with the professional cooperation of our designers: this combination makes our products known, appreciated and distributed all over the world.


Natural beauty of wood texture, warmth and calming feeling when you touch a wooden part… it’s almost impossible to resist a temptation to buy furniture made of a natural wood.


Details and finishings give a special touch to products which express the finest made in Italy.


Creativity and taste, with attention to current trends...the best combinations of colours and materials, to provide a piece of furniture refined in every detail.